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domiciliary care also known as Dom care or home care is a service provided by certain agencies to people who need special assistance in day to day life. It goes a long way to help you if have problems dealing with daily tasks or just need any sort of home assistance with something. This type of service will take care of you if you are dealing with disability, illness, or if you have someone who has a learning disability, this type of care can be recommended for you.

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Many people will confuse domiciliary care with what happens in a nursing home. Although the similarities between the two are undeniable, there is one fundamental difference. In the home care service you or your loved one receiving the service is encouraged to do as much for yourself as possible. The service only works as assistance to you but one is encouraged to do what they can.

The services offered are all-inclusive for all age groups. There are agencies that offer services to children, aging individuals, those with disabilities as mentioned earlier and more. Most agencies will specify on one of these groups and try to provide specialized care. Though these are not medical facilities the caregivers are required by the governing bodies to have certain qualifications. These include certification for CPR and general first aid, good finances, and a good criminal record.

Starting a home care or agency is generally not difficult. Most people who have ventured into provision of this service have done so out of the need to help someone in need. It is usually more of an act of giving back to the society. Generally home care service can take many shapes or forms. It might be as simple as you escorting someone in need to get medical attention or that someone moving in with you. Sometimes you taking care of a sick relative is actually home care.

Domiciliary care is generally not expensive. Most of the residents pay for the services themselves on an agreed period usually a month. Though sometimes the government will pay the agency directly, usually the residents or you who are using the service might get relief from the government and pay for the service yourself. However in a case where you cannot afford to pay the required amount, there are agencies that do not charge at all. They are generally funded by well-wishers to ensure that any one in need gets good service.

It doesn't take much to receive these services. Usually all that is required is that you be eighteen and above and that you be ready to live with a family. It can be an easier way to live your life instead of struggling alone. On the other hand if you wish to start the service. All you need to do is open your house to someone in need. You could get registration from the care quality commission CQC for you to have a recognized practice. You will also have to understand that your house will have to undergo an inspection to ensure that it is appropriate for domiciliary care.